Academic Program Overview

The Oakland School academic program has been generating outstanding results for students for more than 60 years. Small classrooms, individualized programs coupled with an ungraded curriculum, daily one-to-one instruction and a student-teacher ratio of 5:1 provide the specialized attention needed to ensure success. Each student is assigned to a main teacher who develops individualized educational programs and closely monitors each child’s progress. The rigorous academic program places a heavy emphasis on basic skills which are instrumental to any successful remedial education. Teachers emphasize positive reinforcement to build confidence, self-esteem and a drive to succeed.

As part of the emphasis on basic skills, much time is spent on language, math and study skills. However, since each child has an individual program, a child with severe reading problems may spend six of the daily ten periods focused on reading, for example. Our more experienced readers will have a schedule very similar to a traditional program including reading, math, English, history, science and physical education.

Core elements of the Oakland Academic Program include the following:

Upward Lift: Oakland’s Entry-Level Reading Program
Reading: Basic Skills and Ongoing Reading Instruction
English & Math
Study Skills and Technology