Admissions Process

Student Profile

Oakland serves bright students who benefit from small class sizes and individualized instruction. The program is designed to bridge the gap between achievement and potential. Students with learning disabilities including dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and non-verbal learning disabilities as well as visual and auditory processing disorders may benefit from our program. We also serve children with ADHD and organizational difficulties who we believe can benefit from our program.

Oakland has an enrollment of up to 55 boarding and day students during the school year and 110 students during the five-week summer program. Age at admission is 6 - 13, and students may remain through the eighth grade. Unlike other boarding schools and day programs, Oakland does not continue through 12th grade. Our goal is to enable students to transition to a traditional school environment at their age-appropriate grade level after graduating from Oakland.

Although many students hail from the Mid-Atlantic, students come from all parts of the country as well as overseas. A typical Oakland student possesses average to above-average intelligence, but has not experienced success in a prior school experience due to learning differences, attention deficits, organizational problems or an inappropriate program.

Academically, Oakland accepts students with a wide range of both abilities and achievement levels. More specifically, Oakland is appropriate for students who may be below grade level and in need of remediation, on grade level but struggling, or even above grade level but not achieving to their potential. Most of our students are not performing at the same level across subjects, but may excel in one area while being several years behind in another area. Individualized academic programs, combined with daily one-to-one instruction and an ungraded curriculum, ensure that each student can be taught at an appropriate level and progress as rapidly as possible.

Oakland is not a therapeutic school and does not accept children with severe emotional or behavioral disorders.

Admissions Process

As is the case with other boarding schools and day schools, inquiries and applications are received throughout the year and applicants are accepted on a space-available basis, although most students enroll in June or September.

Please contact Admissions for tuition information for both the five-week and year-round programs.

Please note that school tuition and fees may be tax-deductible as medical expenses. Children who have been diagnosed as having a specific learning disability may qualify for deductions under federal income tax regulations.

The admissions process involves the following steps:

  • Parents or educational consultants initially should speak with Admissions. At that time, a preliminary evaluation will be made to determine whether Oakland is an appropriate school for the prospective candidate and informational materials will be sent from the school.
  • The Student Application (Word doc) enclosed with the school’s materials should be completed and returned to the school along with current educational and psychological evaluations (the WISC is most commonly used), Student Evaluation Forms to be filled out by current teachers, school records including achievement test scores and teachers’ comments and any other pertinent information. The application process can take several weeks so please apply as early as possible. It is important for us to receive and review all of the information listed above so that we can make sure that we are a good match for your child and your child is a good match for us.
  • If it is determined that Oakland is a suitable match for the child, parents will be contacted to arrange an on-site interview and tour of the school.
  • Families may apply for tuition assistance when their child is accepted to the program. Any assistance awarded will be determined by the Scholarship Committee based on financial need, available funds and other pertinent factors. Please ask for more information.

We are happy to arrange for prospective parents to speak with parents of current or former students.

For further information and to apply, contact:

Carol Williams, Head of School
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Abigail Sprague, Admissions Director
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Telephone: 434-293-9059