After Oakland

Many parents ask the question, “Where do students go after they leave Oakland?” Oakland students graduate when they are well prepared for success in education. After completing secondary programs, many go on to college and achieve remarkable success.

Students graduate into the grade that will be most appropriate for their age, maturity level and academic skills. They may enter fourth through ninth grade after leaving Oakland, depending on their age at enrollment. Most Oakland graduates return to their homes and attend public or private day schools. Families who prefer a boarding school environment have chosen Blue Ridge, Christchurch, Grier, Miller, Gow and other private schools throughout the country. The largest percentage of Oakland graduates attend traditional schools. We typically recommend resource or Learning Center assistance to aid in the transition to a new school, but most students do not require continued specialized services.

Oakland students do best in programs that continue to provide them with small classes and a structured environment. Placement after Oakland generally depends on each child’s ability, achievement levels, progress at Oakland, age at graduation and level of commitment as well as responsibility. The school sends a follow-up questionnaire for five years after a student leaves Oakland. Parents usually report that their children are especially strong in study skills, self-confidence and the ability to quickly adjust to new situations.

Many former students and their parents remain in touch with Oakland for years. They visit the school and proudly tell of their achievements in high school, college, careers and life. “Oakland turned my life around” is a common sentiment among these returning alumni. Indeed, The Oakland Way is present for our students during their lifetime learning endeavors.