The main focus is to expose the students to many genres of gaming with the hopes of students finding a new favorite. Below are the main genres and examples:

- Board Games: Settlers of Catan, Risk, Monopoly
- Social Games: Taboo, Pictionary, Cranium
- Collectible Card Games: Magic the Gathering
- Billiard Games: Cut Throat, 9-ball
- Party Games: Horseshoes, Corn Hole
- Classic/Historical Games: Chess, Checkers, Mühle
- Card Games: Poker, Blackjack, Slapjack

Expressive Arts Club for Young Women

Through drawing, collage, painting, movement/dance and creative writing participants give voice, images and meaning to their experiences and dreams. In this club young women are given the opportunity to develop self-awareness and confidence, create supportive relationships and gain practical skills to respond to life’s challenges and transitions. The club explores themes such as personal values, boundaries, intuition and self-care. Overall participants explore, discover and express themselves through the arts.


The cooking club will explore different recipes each week. Each child will have the opportunity to enjoy what the sweet and savory dishes they cook. There will be multiple theme days and students will cook foods inspired by countries and holidays. Children will have the opportunity to cook dishes that intrigue them. Students will learn cooking techniques and culinary vocabulary. Club leaders will inspire the students to be creative and healthy by promoting seasonal and local foods.

Community Service

Oakland School’s volunteer club allows students to create an understanding of a lifelong commitment that students can contribute to society. The club gives students the opportunity to do volunteer activities in a group with other students. It engages the students in a meaningful way through service activities to enhance our school and community. The club meets weekly and does various volunteer activities such as: river clean up, socializing animals at the SPCA, helping at local soup kitchens, and projects around Oakland to help beautify the campus. The students gain leadership skills, responsibility and have a great time interacting with each other!


This club focuses on cardio-sports and revolve around physical fitness and cooperative team games. Each week, students will play a different sport such as soccer, dodgeball, basketball, speedball, etc. The club aims to facilitate team bonding and collaboration among participants. Fitness club is a great way to expend energy through competition-oriented fun!