Multicultural Art

This year, Art Concepts students will be taking a trip around the world through art. They will learn about different cultures and the art of the peoplein different areas of the world. Some of the projects will be God’s Eyes from Mexico, Origami from Japan, Mola from Panama, Native American pottery,Celtic knots from Ireland, Madhubani art from India, and Mandalas from many cultures. The students will also learn to use a variety of media and methods to create art. They will employ the principles and elements of design to make original works to display and enjoy.

The Art of a Healthy Lifestyle

This Concepts class will explore four different themes:

1. Mindfulness- inner health, character, stress reduction

2. Physical health- nutrition, exercise

3. Environmental health- ecosystems, natural resources, appreciation for nature

4. Community health- mini-service projects for Oakland and the surrounding community

Each Friday, Lelia (current parent and certified yoga instructor), will teach a yoga class. Lelia has her own studio, Twig Yoga. Students will learn basic poses, different methods for relaxation and an appreciation for being in the present.

Students will learn to appreciate themselves, others and the environment around them. Students will design their own pennant and prepare a digital presentation for the showcase at the end of each class.

Drama & Theatrics

Drama Concepts Class has fun and surprises for
the cast as well as the audience this year. Our presentations will be classics for the most part, retold in our own Oakland parlance. Because
they say, “Practice makes perfect,” we will spend most of our time reading, reciting and rehearsing our lines and our blocking. We will wait our
turns offstage and make entrances promptly. We will say our lines on cue and keep in character. We will work hard at achieving a comfort level so that we can enjoy our final performance as much as you do.

The Art of Literature and Technology

The Art of Literature and Technology will focus on incorporating the use of computers and other technology to help develop students’ creative writing skills. Students will have the opportunity to complete creative writing essays, write a variety of
poetry (haiku, concrete, diamante, etc…), create power point presentations, and use a wide range of other digital programs to craft their individual writing

The Art of Music

This year in Music Concepts, students will be traveling back in time to prominent decades in history, such as the 1920’s, ‘50’s, ‘70’s, and ‘90’s. While there, they will explore the sights, but most importantly, the sounds of one or two specific eras. They will hear the music, study the musicians and performers, and be able to connect the music to the history by studying the lyrics, among other activities. At the end of their whirlwind time machine adventure, they will be creating their own testament to what they have seen and heard in the form of either a short story, their own decade inspired song, or a detailed illustration.

​The Art of Novel Thinking

This year students will experience a novel as a “book group.” As they listen to Emily read an age-appropriate novel, they will discuss the story, the author’s choices, and their own thoughts and opinions about the book. They’ll respond to the story in a variety of ways, both independently and as a group.

Sharing literature is a valuable experience—it’s going to be fun!

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