Parent Quotes

Following are verbatim quotes from parents who were surveyed about their Oakland experience in the years after their child’s graduation from the school:

“We both attribute a great deal of our daughter’s success to the skills and attitudes she acquired at Oakland. You helped her to see success as a possibility and we are eternally grateful. The investment was substantial, but we certainly got our money’s worth. We often reflect on her years at Oakland and your loving insistence on building success where there had been little. We are so thankful that we found Oakland - it has made a life’s worth of difference.”

“He came to you a confused child with an uncertainty about his academic future, and left a young man full of self-confidence and goals. He recently told someone, ‘I love to read,’ a statement we would not have heard two years ago.”

“There are many times we feel your ears should be burning as we brag about the time he spent with you. I feel we cannot express the many ways his life was so positively affected by the hard work of the Oakland Staff. You will be pleased to know that he has set his college goal as Virginia Military Institute (VMI).”

“Graduation was wonderful. We were so proud to see our son standing straight and tall and ready to move on. Everybody at Oakland has been wonderful for him. I think of where he was four years ago and how far he has come. He has self-confidence and I think is really ready for the next step.”

“It is hard to believe that in June our son will graduate from high school and go straight into a four-year college. There is no doubt that his foundation was laid at Oakland. His confidence, his attitude and his determination all started with you and your wonderful staff.”

“I came out of desperation to see the school and out of prayers hoping that this was the right place for my son. I found peace, acceptance and people who valued my son for who he was. I found hope, as my son has found his own faith and hope in the future. We both leave with trepidation. Can we make it? Will the next school be a success or will there be problems? We believe that the next step and the ones after that will be successful. You have given him all the essentials, plus goodness and kindness. I cannot think of people and a school that gives more to their students.”

“Finding Oakland was the first wonderful step. Finding out over four years how much you could enable our sons to achieve provided many, many unexpectedly exciting steps. Growth has been significant in reading, math, and content areas beyond our dreams after our earlier nightmares in public education. Personal, social, and athletic growth has been as significant. Both teachers and Residential Instructors have been knowledgeable, skillful, and genuinely caring toward our children. The food service staff must have done something right as both boys have grown at least ten inches and three shoe sizes! We are grateful to each individual staff member. We couldn’t have asked for more. While having our children away from home was not what we would have chosen, we wish with all our hearts that each American child could have an education as well suited to his or her needs as we have found for our sons, thanks to Oakland.”

“As I write parent statements for his college applications, I get very moved every time I talk about what an enormous difference Oakland has made in his life. I do truly believe that it has saved his life, and for that I am eternally grateful that I found you. I don’t know how I had the courage to drop him off, but clearly something greater than me has guided this process.”