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Annual Fund

The Oakland Annual Fund provides tuition assistance to families who may not be able to fully afford an Oakland education. Families may apply for assistance upon acceptance. Approximately 20% of year-round Oakland students benefit from this important fund. While the bulk of annual funds support tuition assistance, a small percentage also augments the general fund which, in turn, provides for a variety of student, program, and staffing needs.

Annual Fund gifts are raised from alumni, parents, grandparents, former parents, friends, foundations and corporations. Please consider a gift in support of the Annual Fund. The giving levels that provide recognition for donors to Oakland School are:

Founder’s Circle….....$5,000 and above
Brightleaf Society…...$2,500-$4,999
Director’s Circle…......$1,000-$2,499
Oakland Stalwarts…...$500-$999
Oak Tree Club….........$100-$499
Acorn Club…..............$1-$99
Oakland 1950 Club…..For Alumni, $19.50 and above

We appreciate any donation you can make to support the Oakland experience for our students! All contributions to the School qualify as charitable contributions which are fully deductible consistent with Federal and state laws. Online donation system by ClickAndPledge.

Support Oakland

Giving to Oakland

Oakland School could not operate without the voluntary financial support of its parent and grandparent body, alumni parents and grandparents, friends of the School and community members. Voluntary charitable contributions to the Annual Fund, and other fundraising activities such as the Silent Auction and Raffle, help fuel Oakland’s tuition assistance and staff development programs and our annual operations. Without these donations Oakland would need to dramatically boost its annual tuition cost, thus placing a quality Oakland education beyond the reach of many prospective and current families. Your financial support of the School is crucial to the success of the School. Please contact us if you have any questions about what might be the best manner to dispose of any appreciated assets, the value of which can be directed to the School as a charitable contribution. These assets include cash, stock, personal property, real estate and planned gifts.


To make a cash contribution to Oakland, you may send a personal or business check to the Oakland School, 128 Oakland Farm Way, Troy, VA 22974, or you may use ClickAndPledge securely on-line to pay Oakland School directly through your credit card.

Support Oakland

Stocks and Bonds

Stock market conditions may preclude the number of stocks in your portfolio that “qualify” for significant capital gains. However, as asset classes are reorganized and investment vehicles are switched to take advantage of market conditions, there may be stocks and bonds you are holding whose value to your bottom line is greater in being contributed than in being sold and utilized in your portfolio. Should you wish to consider donating any stock or bonds to the School, please contact us first so we are alerted to the impending transfer of assets and can pass along the appropriate bank transfer information to you in advance.

Personal Property (Gifts-in-Kind)

Contributions of personal property - works of art, manuscripts, rare books, antique furnishings, automobiles, etc. – help underwrite both excellence in teaching at Oakland and tuition assistance for eligible parents. Items with valuations under $1,000 may be used at the discretion of the School in the Annual Auction. Any non-automotive gifts with an estimated value of $5,000 or more must have an appraisal documented in writing by an outside expert. Donated automobiles must be deemed safe, drivable and have passed VA state inspection before they will be accepted by the School.

There are three reasons to contribute personal property to Oakland School:

You may receive a charitable deduction for the appraised value at the time of the donation. The value of your charitable contribution will be larger than if you sold the personal property, paid capital gains taxes on any appreciated value and then contributed the cash value to the School. The value of the personal property is removed from your estate, which lowers your estate taxes.

For any gifts valued at more than $500, the donor will need to fill out IRS Form 8283, “Non-Cash Contributions”.

Real Estate

Real estate may be donated to the School, both as an outright gift or through a charitable trust (see below) as a planned gift. Various giving options exist for real estate that do not apply to paper assets. Some of these options permit the owner to continue to live in and use the property for a certain number of years or for the donor’s lifetime, while taking advantage of the tax advantages during their lifetime. Other arrangements offer special tax advantages and a lifetime income opportunity based on the appreciated value of the property. Gifts of real estate, such as undeveloped land, a residence, a vacation home, a farm or a commercial property, should be arranged through the donor and the School. Oakland requires the donor to obtain a written appraisal to determine the fair market value, prior to the transfer of the property to the School.

Planned Gifts

There are numerous ways that one can make a planned gift to Oakland School. The easiest is by including the School as a bequest in your will, therein indicating a level of assets that you would like to see the School receive from your estate as a measure of your appreciation for the school’s contribution to the educational and personal growth of your child, of your grandchild or of yourself. The more involved planned gifts center on the creation of a trust that positions your assets to look after the best interests of your beneficiaries while it also makes a valuable contribution to the welfare of Oakland School.

Support Oakland

For more information on supporting Oakland School, please contact: Carol Williams, Head of School Oakland School 128 Oakland Farm Way Troy, VA 22974 434-293-9059