Welcome from our Head of School

Welcome to Oakland School’s online presence!

We are delighted that you have chosen to learn more about Oakland. It won’t take much investigation to discover that Oakland offers a very unique environment and program that are unlike what you will find at any other learning disabilities school.

It is my privilege to serve as the fourth school director in Oakland’s sixty-year history. My personal history with Oakland began in 1978 when I served as a residential counselor. I later returned to the University of Virginia, where I had completed my undergraduate work, and received my graduate degree from the Curry School of Education. Having witnessed the successes of the children I had worked with in the dormitories, it was an exciting prospect to be able to continue my tenure at Oakland as a classroom teacher and, eventually, as the Assistant Director.

Through the years and my varied experiences, it became more and more clear to me why Oakland is so special. The peaceful country setting combined with a strong community that is entirely united around the cause of succeeding is truly inspiring. The passion for learning and for success established by our founder, Margaret G. Shepherd, remains a guiding and very palpable force that visitors sense when they step onto our school grounds. Moreover, the collective commitment of our staff and the unwavering drive to achieve that we instill in our students make me feel honored to be a part of this remarkable organization.

Our focus on individualized programs, basic skills such as our proprietary methods and expertise in reading as well as study skills, an ungraded curriculum that lets students progress as fast as they can and daily one-to-one instruction have been Oakland hallmarks since our founding. These elements all are part of a highly successful formula and track record that we refer to as The Oakland Way.

Graduates of Oakland regularly return to the grounds to say hello and update former teachers and staff on their lives and achievements. It is highly gratifying to see how we have helped graduates successfully return to a traditional classroom environment so that they may reach their academic and personal potential. As you consider educational options for your child, we invite you to come to Oakland to see for yourself how we can help your child build the strong foundation needed for future educational and personal success.

Carol Williams
Head of School, Oakland School